Caffeinaked started from a slow breakfast.

That was a random morning in our old apartment in Madison, WI. We opened the pantry and realized we were out of cereal. Looking at what we had in the fridge and pantry, we decided to make fried rice from scratch. Bacon, bell pepper, onion, egg… It was flavorful! The richness made our usual black coffee rounder, smoother, creamier, without any cream and sugar. That is the idea! We are going to roast our coffee the way that sugar and cream aren’t necessary. Just the basics, the goodness in its original form.

Our Mission

Coffee, bread, chocolate, wine. Mother Earth gifts us a world of aromas and flavors simply from plants and the work of yeast. 
To give back to nature, we commit to sustainable practices. We roast in small batches to reduce food waste and guarantee the freshest coffee. By transitioning our packaging materials to fully recyclable, biodegradable, or composable options, we see the awareness and the positive impact we bring to our community. Most importantly, we source sustainably and ethically from farmers and traders who hold the similar values.

Our Philosophy

Caffeinaked believes that slow food lifestyle leads to happier, healthier life. “Naked” is a philosophic term to support our mission of creating a positive environment that encourages minimally processed food and balanced, diverse diet. Healthfulness brings us the freedom, the positivity, and the embracement toward ourselves, as well as people around us and in our community.
As for coffee, it is our way to bring people together, to celebrate small moments with the loved ones.