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Costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego Anaerobic

Costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego Anaerobic

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Fruity & Funky

Notes of cinnamon & raspberry

Profound opening of cinnamon and pumpkin spice harmonies with the brightness of raspberry. Something festive, someone special.

During anaerobic process, the coffee is depulped and placed in stainless steel tanks with all its mucilage. As the fermentation begins, oxygen decreases and the carbon dioxide increases causing pressure to build up in the tank. The coffee develops in a unique mix of lactic acid and malic acid, which contributes to the complex cup profile.

Roast Light
Body Medium
Acidity Medium

Region Tarrazú
1600 - 1750 m
Producer Luis Eduardo Campos - Cordillera del Fuego
Variety Caturra, Catuai
Harvest November 2022 to March 2023
Process Anaerobic

Roast Days

Roast days are Tuesday and Friday.
Cut-off time is 11:59 pm on Monday and Thursday. Orders that are made after the cut-off time will be rolled over to the next roast day unless available in inventory.

We Offer Custom Grind

Please add a note at checkout to specify the grind type needed.

Caffeinaked offers 5 types of grind.
Grind size affects how much extraction you get from the coffee. Incorrect grind size will lead to unbalanced flavors (too sour, too bitter) or lack of strength. You should pick a grind type according to your brewing method. If it is a gift and you are not sure what brewing method the receiver uses, we recommend to go with medium grind.

  1. Fine: for espresso machine.
  2. Medium-Fine: for Aeropress, Moka pot, siphon, single-serving pour-over cone.
  3. Medium: for V60, automatic drip machine, refillable K-cup.
  4. Coarse: for French Press, percolator, Chemex.
  5. Ultra-Coarse: for cold brew.
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